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Is there a future for diesel vehicles?

Currently, the future for diesel vehicles is a key topic of discussion within the automotive industry. In a recent announcement, Porsche has revealed that it will no longer produce diesel cars. Instead Porsche will be focusing on hybrid and electric cars. This decision comes as the demand for diesel cars decreases. Also, Porsche has revealed that their first electric vehicle will be called The Porsche Taycan and it’s expected to be launched in 2019.

Other manufacturers have revealed similar plans to start focusing more on hybrid and electric vehicles instead of diesels. Audi is one of these manufacturers after it revealed its first all-electric SUV called The E-tron. This is exciting news and the production of new electric vehicles is expected to continue as demand increases.

Many drivers are being tempted to switch to a hybrid or electric car due to incentives on offer. For example, the government is offering UK plug-in grants for a selection of new electric and plug-in hybrid cars. The aim is to encourage more people to drive low emission vehicles in order to reduce pollution levels and improve the air quality.

Meanwhile many owners of diesel cars have seen a rise in diesel tax this year as the government aim to reduce the number of diesel vehicles on our roads. In London, a £10 T-Charge has been introduced for older, high polluting vehicles and diesel drivers face extra parking charges. These changes have increased the cost of driving a diesel vehicle which is bad news for many drivers.

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Posted on 25th September 2018 at 2:55 PM

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