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Are you a young driver? Top tips and advice

Passing your driving test can be a very exciting moment. However, the price of car insurance for young drivers can often be quite a shock and seem unrealistic.

Here are some tips from the experts at

Pick the right car
When choosing your first car, you should also find out how much the insurance would be. You may be able to afford a flashy car but first consider if you could afford the expensive insurance prices too.

Compare insurers
You may think that the first insurance policy you find is a great price, however it’s important to compare it to other insurers. You might be able to get a cheaper price elsewhere as some insurers are more keen to have young drivers than others.

Don’t get any modifications on your car
Upgrades on cars may seem like a good idea to you but it won’t to insurers. Making modifications can really increase the price of your insurance and so if you want to save money then they are not recommended.

Think carefully about a higher excess
Excess is the amount you pay if you need to make an insurance claim for an accident. Often a higher excess can be good because you are likely to be offered a cheaper premium. However, you need to think carefully about if you could afford a higher excess in the event of an accident.

Take the plus pass
The plus pass is aimed to help drivers improve their driving skills. This will cost a little extra for the lessons and plus pass qualification. Although it’s worth considering as some insurers offer discounts to drivers who have completed the plus pass.

Remember cheapest isn’t everything
It’s important for drivers to remember that the cheapest premiums aren’t always the best. Therefore, whilst looking for cheap prices, you also need to ensure it is the best policy for you. Sometimes it’s worth paying a small amount more e.g. for a low excess if that’s what you require.

Is it time you shopped around for a cheaper insurance policy? If you compare insurers, you might just be able to find a cheap deal that suits you. Also if you haven’t already found the right car, why not click here to view our car leasing deals.

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Posted on 22nd September 2017 at 3:35 PM

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